Home Maintenance

Learn How to Enhance Your Home's Value With a Checklist

Having (and following) a home maintenance checklist not only keeps your home in good repair for your own family’s enjoyment and comfort. A well-maintained home is worth more when it comes time to sell. Having records of regular maintenance can settle a lot of new buyers’ nerves. The house not only looks good, it IS

Keep a Sound Roof Overhead

It may not seem like winter is on its way, but winter is coming.  Rain and snow are coming. Make sure your roof is ready for the onslaught and that your gutters will keep water away from your foundation. No one wants to deal with roof leaks or lakes in the basement. Fixing any problems

Deck Maintenance

Decks play a big part in outdoor living. Is yours safe? Take some time for deck maintenance while the weather is good. It won’t take much time to check your deck for safety. What you discover (and can then fix) is well worth the effort so your deck is a safe place to enjoy the

Safer Outdoor Living Through Home Maintenance

It’s the season to enjoy the outdoors, whether that means a barbecue or relaxing by the pool or enjoying the view from your deck. Summer can be a wonderful time to kick back. Those outdoor areas are part of your home that need maintenance just as much as your furnace or appliances do. Weather and

Secure Your Doors

When it comes to home security, a good set of locks on the doors and windows is basic. When it comes to home value, a great-looking set of doors and windows can seem even more important than their secure operation. When it comes to selling or buying your home, both security and appearance heavily influence