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How To Clean Your Gutters

Keeping your gutters free of debris helps protect your home’s siding, foundation and nearby landscaping from potential water damage. Here’s how to clean your gutters so they continue to properly direct water away from your home.

How To Clean Your Refrigerator Coils

Refrigerators have two sets of coils. Evaporator coils are located near the cooled space and absorb heat, and condenser coils are outside of the cooled space and release heat. Condenser coils are normally exposed to ambient air (although a grille may cover them) and can, therefore, collect dust, pet hair and other debris. When the coils

How To Check Your Locksets

We covered checking the condition of your exterior doors in a previous post. Here we want to concentrate on the locking operation of your exterior doors. This is a bit more involved than checking the condition of the doors, but still in the low-stress easy category of home maintenance.

How To Check Your Doors

Your home’s doors and locksets are the gateways to your house, permitting entry to some and denying it to others. Doors and locks are only effective, though, if they’re in good shape. Let’s start by talking about how to check the condition of your exterior doors. We will talk about checking locksets in a future post.

How To Test Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps remove water from homes during times of excessive snowmelt or rainfall, helping ensure that your home’s bottom levels don’t flood. To ensure that your sump pump will work properly when it’s needed, you should check it periodically. Here’s how to test your sump pump. Check for blockage Test the power Test the pumping